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Gentor Resources Inc.'s Board of Directors and management are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and monitor changing rules, regulations and best practices on a continuing basis. The Company's business and operating principles are stated in the Business Conduct Policy, which is applicable to all directors, officers and employees. The Policy establishes a common set of expectations and standards for the Company and its people with respect to ethical business practices, international business, personal conduct, health, safety & environment, and disclosure of information. For further information, please download the Business Conduct Policy (PDF).

The Board has an Audit Committee. The mandate of the Audit Committee is consistent with best practices. For further information, please download the Audit Committee (PDF).

The Board has enacted a whistler-blower policy to protect employees who report violations of law, regulations or corporate policy and to ensure that their concerns are acted upon as appropriate. For further information, please download the Whistle-Blower Policy (PDF) .